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Get your chimney repaired at a reasonable price by professionals at your home in Jaipur by “Sujoy Home Services”. Get chimney installation in Jaipur. Get chimney cleaning in Jaipur. Get contact details for Chimney Service Center in Jaipur.

At this point when you call our firm, our electricians will go to your house to fix the chimney.

SmokeStack services focus – Electric stack is an important part of our cooking. Our kitchen is not like other places. Here we use oil and flavor. Measurement of hazardous gases like odor and carbon mono oxide towards food preparation. Stack services assist with food preparation in a quiet state.

As it may be, what happens when the stack does not function properly? This messes up the everyday schedule of cooking. It can likewise affect the strength of the cook. Large parts of the electrician require some investment in fixing. It is difficult for the fireplace to have the best services.

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please pay attention:-

                      If the service is not inspected by the technician, then Rs 250 will be charged as an inspection fee.



Visit Charge                                           – Rs.250

Chimney Repair Charge                    – Rs.400

Chimney Deep Cleaning Charge     – Rs.700

Chimney Basic Cleaning Charge     – Rs.500

Chimney Installation Charge          – Rs.400

Please Note

In case service is not availed post inspection by the technician, Rs 249 will be applicable as inspection charges

Do ask the professional for job card for the work done it will contain information of the repair work & spare used

Visit Charge Rs 250

Repair Charge Rs 400

Services    Rs 700

Installation    Rs 400

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