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Have you at any point felt that something incorrectly going on in your microwave? A heating issue or the special sound makes you stressed. With regard to a microwave, legitimate support is a must to do the task. Is it accurate to say that you are searching for the microwave fix services? You can get your microwave fixed at your doorstep and solve a lot of issues. Truly, you heard it right! Get your microwave fixed in a matter of moments by contracting fix expert on the web. The expert will come to your place with all the essential gear and devices to fix the microwave nearby. The experts help with all brands of the microwave. Find a workable pace the microwave fix cost recorded beneath. 

“Sujoy” offers proficient Domestic and Commercial microwaves repair services. Call us today to plan your microwave fix services. We can fix all significant microwave brands and models — regardless of where you got it. Our experts know your microwave from the back to the front. Our microwave fix and establishment masters are directly in your neighborhood, to serve you quickest doorstep services, so there is no compelling reason to carry it to an assistance community. What’s more, we remain by our microwave fix work with one-year guarantees in the business. 

Please Note

In case service is not availed post inspection by the technician, Rs 249 will be applicable as inspection charges

Do ask the professional for job card for the work done it will contain information of the repair work & spare used

what is the issue with your microwave?

Does not heat properly

Repair Rs.300

Button don’t work

Repair Rs.299

Other/ Visit Charge

Repair Rs.300

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