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Refrigerator Repair in Jaipur by Expert and Trained Technicians: Affordable Charges – Sujoy Home Services

Refrigerator Repair in Jaipur

Appliances have gone from being extravagances to turning out to be necessities. With occupied work routines and insane traffic, going out and getting your machine fixed isn’t constantly conceivable. That is the reason “SUJOY” brings the comfort of at-home Appliance Repair Service.

The late spring is finished and your AC can at long last enjoy a reprieve. Prior to that, ensure you get a good refrigerator Repair Servicing done to fix all the risks brought about by the steady use in the course of the most recent couple of months. One overlooked appliance during the summers maybe your refrigerator, which is a significant part of the cooler months. With Sujoy, you can get spring fix services at home to guarantee you don’t get a stun of cold water on a cool morning – except if that is the manner by which you like to get right away stirred rather than some espresso.

The normally utilized appliances like your cooler, refrigerator, TV, washing machine and microwave are inclined to mileage. You may likewise see a pool of water under your ice chest – this isn’t ordinary. These are signs that you need refrigerator fix services at home.

It’s nothing but easy to accept the job of a repairman and endeavor to fix an appliance yet with regards to your TV, you will need an expert to take a gander at it so you don’t miss your preferred shows.

Why You Should Call “Sujoy Home Services” to Repair Your Refrigerator?

In Jaipur there are multiple companies and individuals available who provide multiple types of home services such as refrigerator repairing, Ac Repairing, Plumbing etc.

There are some reasons and that’s why you should hire refrigerator repairing services from Sujoy in Jaipur.

  • Expert and Experienced Technician: This is one of the best reason you should count on “Sujoy Home Services”. Refrigerator repairing technicians from Sujoy have fixed multiple Refrigerators already and have good feedbacks from clients.
  • Affordable Charges: Sujoy home services charges very reasonable prices to repair refrigerators. You will be asked to pay the price that is affordable and reasonable.
  • Fast Services: Expert technicians are always available to provide you home services very fast. Once you make a call you can have refrigerator repair expert within an hour to your home.

Team of highly trained and experienced refrigerator repair experts provides NO.1 home services at your doorstep within shortest time-period.

Spare Assurance

Fixed price for spare parts

Please Note

In case service is not availed post inspection by the technician, Rs 249 will be applicable as inspection charges

Do ask the professional for job card for the work done it will contain information of the repair work & spare used

what type of Refrigerator do you have?

Single Door

Visit Charge Rs.200
Repair Rs.400

Double Door

Visit Charge Rs.200
Repair Rs.400

Four Door

Repair Rs.299

D – Fridge Repair Rs.400

D – Fridge Visit Charge Rs.400

Side by Side Door

Visit Charge Rs.200
Repair Rs.400

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